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Power Flushing & Cleaning with Gas Safe Plumbers
British Gas have said you need a Power Flush?
British Gas

British Gas power flushing prices, we can beat them!

Have British Gas told you that your system needs a clean or power flush? Dirty central heating systems cause problems to any parts or components through which water flows; pipes, radiators, pumps, valves, heat exchangers and so on.

Over times, the system will struggle to deliver heat to all radiators, or parts of your home, and choke pumps and boilers, leading to expensive repair bills or worse, replace of boilers and pumps.


Does your central heating suffer from...

Radiators with cold spots
Banging or whistling noises from the boiler
Radiator cold at top or bottom
Blocked radiator valves due to sludge
Boiler overheating and locking out (usually due to damaged or blocked pumps)
Black or drown dirty water when bleeding radiators
Central heating needs to be on for a long time in order to heat your home (poor output)

Power Flushing Gas Safe Plumbers can help

A Power Flush or Magna Cleanse will...

Improve your systems efficiency, saving you money
Improve circulation around the boiler and radiators
Prevent further damage to pumps, radiator valves and heat exchangers
Reduce boiler and general system noise/knocking, restoring a quiet system
Improve the efficiency of radiators, maximising their heat output
Allow your home to heat up quicker, using less energy, saving you money

Gas Safe Plumbers Power Flushing will save you money

Power flushing your heating system will also save you up to 25% on your fuel bills. A system that is clogged up with sludge results in a boiler that has work harder and for longer to produce heat. This causes your fuel bills to increase.

Clearing the radiators and boiler of the corrosive sludge allows the free circulation of heat and hot water, ensuing that your boiler can work efficiently and economically.

Power Flushing getting you the best results

Our friendly, experienced engineers will quickly diagnose the problems that can occur as a result of poorly maintained, aging boilers and blocked radiators. They can offer invaluable advice regarding repairs and replacements that might be needed during the power flush and carry a range of replacement valves and components should you need it.

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