Boiler System Sludge Filters

Keep your system clean and have the inhibitor checked and topped up annually, it pro-longs the life of the heating system and can help prevent breakdowns and problems with your boiler, pumps and any valves which are prone to failure in dirty systems.

Boiler System Protect with Magna Clean Filter
Even a small build-up of iron oxide and non-magnetic deposits in a standard or modern efficiency boiler results in substantial efficiency loss and fuel wastage. So, not only does the system perform inadequately, it also costs more to run and maintain.

MagnaClean is a proven, high efficiency, full-flow, magnetic and non-magnetic filter designed to tackle all central heating systems removing virtually 100% of suspended magnetic debris.

  Simple installation and effortless servicing, saving time and money!
  Immediate results & system protection
  Long operational life

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